Graduation bouquets for boys and girls

Ballagási csokor

As of May, graduation season starts. Giving gifts and beautiful graduation bouquets is an essential part of this great day – let’s see the most important rules we need to follow regarding the latter!

Graduation is one of the most special days of kindergarten, but also of primary and high school. It is not only about finishing studies and saying goodbye to teachers and classmates, but it also marks the end of an era, a period of life. It is small wonder that an integral part of the 150-year-old tradition of graduation is the bouquet. But in order to choose the best from the wide range of graduation bouquets, it is worth asking a few questions before buying. What is the graduation bouquet actually for? What do ideal graduation bouquets for boys look like? What graduation bouquets can be given to girls? What bouquet do (not) give to a graduation party?


The graduation bouquet represents a special category of bouquets. While in the case of bouquets given for weddings or birthdays aesthetics matter only, other aspects are worth considering when choosing a graduation bouquet – mainly because with these bouquets the children march through their school and they have to hold them for a long time. In addition, they hold not one, but several bouquets: the larger the family, the greater the number of graduation bouquets will be. Therefore as a rule of thumb, the biggest bouquet is not necessarily the best – a smaller bouquet can be very tasteful and aesthetic, and the recipient of the flower is likely to be more pleased with it.


High-quality silk flowers can be the basis of beautiful graduation bouquets, and are more resistant to graduation challenges than live flowers (another benefit of the silk flower is that it is a lasting memory). A tasteful floral decoration can be put on the table at the graduation lunch and will be a nice memory for you later, too.


Spacious, round bouquets are difficult to handle and to hold, especially if there are more of them. For graduation, choose an elongated oval bouquet that is easier to carry on arm – even with more bouquets. The stems and petals of the fresh flower may be damp, moisture and pollen will also stain the celebration dress. Therefore, it is important that graduation bouquets are handed over in cellophane or paper wrap that protects the clothes from dirt. Half-sided paper wrapping is especially practical because it makes the flower visible while protecting the dress.


When celebrating a boy, chose more masculine colors like burgundy, or white with greenery. Pink or red flowers should never be given to boys. For girls, classic pink and purple are a good choice, but we also can give them large, rich, colourful bouquets of elegant flowers. For girls, you can also make creative bouquets with plush figurines or chocolates.


What graduation bouquets will be popular in 2020 is now, at the beginning of the year, is hard to predict. In any case, based on trends in recent years, it is likely that huge bunches will not conquer. In 2020, it is likely that smaller, but ingeniously personalized graduation bouquets will continue to play a major role. The popularity of helium balloons seems to be uninterrupted, and will surely be there for graduation gifts in 2020, in a bunch of flowers and on their own.


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