Flower to arts – this year with Arioso founder Katja Schäfli

One of the most prestigious events in the flower making industry in Europe is the Flowers to Arts exhibition held in March each year. The organization that created the event aims to build bridges between fine art and floristry through the unique floral installations dreamed up by renowned florists, reflecting on renowned paintings and other works of art.

Only a few selected florists will be invited to participate at the exhibition at the Aargauer Kunsthaus in Switzerland – which is why we are particularly honored to have been entrusted by the organizers this year with the creation of a unique flower installation by Katja Schläfli, founder of Arioso.

As they said in the invitation, Katja Schläfli’s unique style, her sense of details, and her bold and original creations made her worthy of being selected among the participating florists this year.

The event will take place between March 3 and 6, details here!