Roses, love, valentine day


The rose is a must-have for Valentine’s day – the most beautiful flower with an unforgettable scent. There is nothing more expressive than a single rose or an impressive bouquet of roses!

The story of roses

Rose is the only flower that has enjoyed unrivaled popularity for thousands of years: it has been known by early nomadic peoples, petrified roses were found in ancient tombs, and according to legend, Cleopatra has bathed in rose petals, thanks to which succeeded in seducing Marcus Antonius.
The devotion to the rose in our civilization comes from the Greeks, who considered it the flower of Aphrodite, the goddess of beauty. According to one story, Aphrodite fell in love with mortal Adonis, who was killed by a boar during a hunt. In one version of the tale, Aphrodite’s skin is struck by the thorn of a white rose, which is then painted red by the blood of the goddess, while in another version red roses emerge from the earth as a result of her tears falling over her lover’s tomb.
The admiration for roses was later automatically transferred from Greek mythology to Rome, which used it in a much more worldly context: Romans were greeting their guests with rose petal decorations and mixed it with wine, because it was thought to precede hangover.

Christianity then associated the rose with Virgin Mary, which therefore became a symbol of purity and faith, slowly transforming into the complex symbolism of rosaries. But roses – and especially the bouquet of roses – have remained, irrespective of Christianity, the most important symbol of love and adoration. Nowadays, a bouquet of roses is almost exclusively given as a token of our deepest devotion, respect, love.

Bouquets of roses – so many variations!

dozen red roses are always a sign of love and romance – so never give a bouquet of twelve roses to colleagues or distant acquaintances. White or beige roses can be a sign of sympathy, so it is a good idea to avoid them on Valentine’s Day – unless of course this color is the favorite of your loved one, or if you want to imply her purity and innocence with flowers. A bouquet of orange roses indicates passion, while a mixed-color bouquet indicates that our relationship is complete, loving and happy. A single red rose is a symbol of deepest love, it expresses sincerity, courage and pure emotions, while a huge bouquet of roses is more of a tribute to devotion, adoration, distant worship.

Bouquet of roses or flower box?

Nowadays, etiquette is less strict than it was a few decades ago, and nowadays dazzling floral arrangements are limited only by the imagination of florists. When you send flowers, a beautiful bouquet of roses is always a hit, but an impressive box of roses, or a few red roses alone in an elegant gift box, can be just as effective. When sending flowers for Valentine’s Day, you can now also choose a heart-shaped rose box to emphasize your devotion, or complement your bouquet with other gifts – gifting roses and chocolate is, for example, always a jolly joker.