The unkown beauty of artichokes


Once upon a time was a pretty young girl named Artichoke. She lived on one of the Ziner Islands on the Aegean Sea with her parents. When Zeus saw her beauty he wanted to seduce her right away. He turned her into a goddess and brought her to the Olympos. Soon the girl started to miss her mother and decided to move back to the world of humans. Zeus got so upset, that in his anger, he changed her into a prickly plant. This the legend of how the artichoke plant was created.

Artichokes not only make a delicious dish, but can also be a wonderful and unique decoration element when they are in bloom. Although the leaves look stinging, they have a soft and grinding touch. The purple flowers are quite funny, yet also showing a certain respect, therefore we like to use them for our hotel lobby designs as well as for event decoration.