Zador Soap – Rose

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3.990 Ft

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Indulge in the ZADOR experience to refresh your body and soul! Undoubtedly, rose is the universal symbol of love, passion and romance. This classic yet romantic scent makes you feel like one of Jane Austen’s heroines. This divine floral scent comes from one of Europe’s most elite Perfumeries, designed and customised for the ZADOR brand. A single sniff is enough to boost your mood and cherish your soul. People in ancient times knew that the rose, the queen of flowers would nourish, refresh, clean and rejuvenate the skin. As the symbol of love and beauty they used rose essence to help seduce the desired ones. This elegant scent boosts femininity without being overwhelming. This beautifully packaged piece of art is individually hand wrapped and manufactured in the EU just like the rest of the ZADOR collection. We poured our love into each and every soap bar to help bring out your inner goddess. Enjoy this lovely treat!