Zador Soap – Paprika

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3.990 Ft

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Indulge in the ZADOR experience to refresh your body and soul! This unique choice of fragrance also roots in the Hungarian culture, hence red paprika powder is one of most essential spices in the Central European cuisine. Dynamism, energy, cheerfulness with a bit of spicy overtone: there is a mixture of these feelings when sniffing deeply the fragrance of the paprika soap. This unique scent reminds us of sweet, hot summer evenings with excitement filled in the air. Take this luxuriously packed ZADOR paprika soap in your hand and lose yourself in its unique red pepper fragrance. The healing property of the Heviz thermal water as well as the skin softening power of the shea butter firms and moisturises the skin. It does its firming magic on dry, dull and flaky skin. When making this soap, we paid special attention to each detail, exactly as it was written in our ancient family recipe. We believe that using this soap will bring you as much joy as the creation of it brought us. We recommend trying it on problematic areas such as inner thighs and lower belly as it boosts the circulation and helps with cellulite.